Baseball is a tradition for almost every community in America and thousands of young people every year get the opportunity to practice this sport. Baseball fundraising and donations have been the way to make this happen.

Raising money for your baseball team requires a lot of work and decisions, no matter how simple or well known the baseball fundraiser might be. One of the most deciding steps is choosing what type of fundraiser to do. You can easily adapt any product and use it for your fundraising for little league. Some of the most popular ideas are:

Bring in money, but also fun

Combining hard work with fun is the best way to keep your volunteers motivated and to reach your financial plans. It’s important to remember that volunteers do it in their free time so they should get some reward in terms of good time and small prizes. You can take some ideas in consideration:

  • Use fun incentives and competitions
  • Take pictures
  • Give out fun merchant prizes
  • Create fun completion activities
  • Plan a party for the end

Tips to maximize your profits

  • Divide the volunteers into small teams and create competition between them
  • Make your products easy to buy and accessible to donors
  • If you’re collaborating with a fundraising company, make sure you state your financial goals and have a good grip over the products which will be sold;
  • The more your baseball team can do alone without the help of a company, the more fundraising profit you will get.



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