Why have a pizza fundraiser?

There is probably no single food more popular in the US than pizza. Kids prefer pizza over most other foods for lunch or dinner (maybe even breakfast!). That’s why a pizza fundraiser  is sure to make money. There are a couple different ways to raise money with pizza fundraisers.

pizza cards for fundraisingCards

These are discount cards  that are issued by national chains that are good for a certain number of uses and punched out by the store as they’re used. These can be a great value since your group buys them at a discount and resells them to your supporters who then get lots of pizza for not very much money.


This works a lot like a cookie dough fundraiser. Your supporters order the frozen pizza (regular, mini, and French bread pizza) from a brochure and it is then shipped out to your volunteers to sort and deliver. There is usually a minimum order required. Your supporters will buy the pizza kits because of the convenience and to help your cause. The kits offer an easy way to provide lunch or dinner for busy families.restaurant-discount-cards-2


Another tasty idea is restaurant cards. This idea gives your supporters the option to choose restaurants in their area (so it works for out-of-state supporters too). The cards are redeemed online for a variety of participating restaurant offers.

Enjoy the City cardsOther Ideas

If you would rather give your supporters more options to choose from and not be restricted to just pizza or dining, consider a savings card. This idea offers access to unlimited dining, automotive, shopping, and movie discounts up to 50% at 150,000+ retailers including, Papa John’s, Office Depot, AMC Theaters, Blockbuster and lots more.

Where To Go

Fundraising.com – get the Enjoy the City card and Restaurant Cards here and offer supporters more options. That will give you the opportunity to raise more money because it will increase your customer base. Get your free information kit here.