Bottled water for fundraisers is an excellent choice for event-driven or steady, year-long fundraising. The product, bottled water with your custom label, is popular and the bottle with your logo becomes a walking billboard for your organization. Perfect in the heat of summer, but also in the dead of winter, bottled water is an easy sell.

As Americans become more health conscious, candy, cookie dough, pizza, and other “indulgence” foods become tougher to justify. This is not the case with water bottle fundraising. There are very few objections to overcome. No one has allergies to water – water has no carbs or calories. And eventually, everyone gets thirsty.

The suggested retail price is generally $1.00 per bottle although some markets will bear more. The profitability is usually in the 55% – 65% range, but depends on the minimum order. You can buy as few as 24 bottles or you can buy by the truck load – usually around 34,000 bottles. Freight charges have to be considered, or course, as well as the one-time charge of designing your label. The artwork is kept on file for re-orders.

One advantage of selling bottled water for fundraisers is it’s easy to store. There are no temperature requirements and the shelf life averages two years. If your event is cancelled, you don’t have to worry that your product will spoil.

woman drinking water

Lots of people buy and drink bottled water for its convenience

There are some issues to consider though. The water is easy to store, but can take a lot of space if you have purchased in any kind of volume. And since water bottle fundraising does not follow the “pre-sales” or “order taker” scenario, an up front investment is required.