Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer for women between ages of 20 and 59, and also the leading cause of cancer death for this population. The costs of research are very big and this makes breast cancer an important political issue for all governments.

There are maybe thousands of breast cancer fundraising initiatives available for those who want to support this cause. The question is, how do people decide which one to support? How can an organization attract potential donors to stand up for their fundraising goals?

Lots of colors and designs to choose from

Lots of colors and designs to choose from

Product Ideas

Organizations use any possible idea to raise money, from writing donation letters, selling candles and amulets, to organizing running and paddling, which seem to be top events on the fundraising list. A number of ideas are practical, a few are educational and others are simply frivolous. Some are cheap and for the others you can pay serious money.

The pink ribbon and the bracelet breast cancer fundraiser are very fashionable nowadays and are designed to raise awareness about the breast cancer issue.

Going From “Pink” to ” Think Before You Pink”pink ribbon

The interest in breast cancer is huge and so is the number of fundraising organizations. People start to feel confused, don’t know which one to support and have no idea how much is raised or how it’s being spent.

Millions of dollars are collected every year in the name of breast cancer, but no one is supervising the research efforts. It’s also not known exactly if the money is truly used for effective cancer treatments and prevention or just used for “administration”.

More than this, some companies fundraise for breast cancer by manufacturing and selling products which, unbelievably, actually increase the risk of getting this disease. Breast cancer advocacy organizations talk in this case about “pinkwashing” and question some high-profile marketing campaigns launched in connection with breast cancer awareness.

Their advice is to take good information about the fundraising program and not to encourage spreading the disease by purchasing their products.