One fundraising idea that has caught the public’s attention for a while is that of producing a nude calendar.  The movie “Calendar Girls” was based on a true story of some elderly English women, members of a Women’s Institute who would typically be considered strait-laced, who posed naked for a calendar, which was sold to benefit leukemia research.

Although they only expected to sell some hundreds of calendars locally, the idea caught public attention so much that the film was made to chronicle the story!

Since then, many other groups have tried to raise funds in the same way, with greater or lesser degrees of success.  The production of such a calendar needs serious consideration of practical matters.

Firstly, it is necessary to find a sufficient number of volunteers who care enough that they would pose for the photographs.  While the idea of a nude fundraising calendar may be readily accepted, to put it into practice puts a different light on the whole process.  This may be helped by employing a professional glamour photographer who is used to putting people at their ease, and arranging a minimal attendance at any photo shoot.

naked woman holding a roseSecondly, the whole point is best served by recognizing that the purpose is not to produce a mere shadow of a Playboy calendar.  Success is dependent on the models not being “perfect” but ordinary people, doing an extraordinary thing.  The other factor is that humor has a place.  Full nakedness is tempered by strategic positioning of an appropriate object or two. The Women’s Institute ladies used baked goods and flowers, an animal rescue group might use a foster kitten to retain some modesty.

Finally, it is necessary to find a print shop which is capable of producing reprints very rapidly, as – with luck – many additional copies will be required!

Café Press gives you the flexibility to offer calendars to your supporters one by one. That is, they’ll print as many calendars as your supporters order – no over or under ordering, and no waste. Promoting your fundraiser and ordering the calendars can all be done online. This will allow you to sell your calendars online without the hassle of setting up an e-commerce website.

And you can supplement your calendar fundraiser with lots of other products too. Your supporters can buy t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and all sorts of other products that are adorned with your group’s logo or slogan…or anything you wish.

Nude calendar too risqué? Try a traditional fundraising calendar.


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