Everyone loves to watch television game shows. How great is it to see ordinary people competing for cash and prizes? Whether the questions are pop trivia or in depth knowledge of some niche subject, such as the civil war or quantum physics, quiz shows are just plain fun. Why not use such an event for your next fundraiser?

A Quiz Show Game Fundraiser

A good quality quiz show is not something that can be thrown together quickly. It will take a bit of planning. The good news is that the investment can be very small, and the return can be impressive.

One key is advertising. You need people to pay to be in the audience. Unless people in your area know about the event, they can’t be there. That’s why flyers, announcements at school, sporting and church events and other methods of getting the word out are crucial to the success of your event.

Set a price for tickets, and then start selling them as soon as possible. Sell them in advance, and sell them at the door. Offer door prizes to help draw people in. Call local businesses and ask them to donate goods and services. You’ll almost always be able to find businesses that are willing to help your organization in that way. Offer to include their name in the program as a way to show your appreciation.host

You will need a host or hostess and contestants to compete in the show. The host or hostess could be someone from your school or organization, or you could try and obtain the services of a local celebrity. Having a celebrity will certainly increase interest in the event, and help your fundraiser be even more successful.

As for contestants, there are a couple of ways to choose them. One way is to randomly select people from the audience. If your advertising is good, you can let the public know that by coming to the event, they may be the one chosen to participate. Another option is to, again, try to utilize local celebrities.

Depending on what your organization does, you can try to find people that would mean a lot to members of the public who support your group. For example, if you are an animal rescue group, you could try to get the director of the local SPCA and the chief of the town’s animal management program.

Another example: If you are a sports related organization, perhaps you could try and get coaches from competing teams to play against each other. The possibilities are endless, but the point, if you choose this option, is to make the match as interesting as possible.

You will need to find a location for the event. A school, church or lodge will work nicely. You will also need to develop questions for the quiz, and decide on the format. For the format, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Choose from popular shows, such as Jeopardy or similar shows. Questions can be found online or by purchasing trivia books related to your topics.

If you choose players from the audience, there should be prizes. If you have celebrities or someone related to your group, a small honorarium is sufficient.

An Annual Fundraiser

Because this makes a great annual event, you want the night to be as much fun for the audience as possible. Have door prizes and sell food and beverages. Maybe have an impromptu contest for wildest shirt or funkiest shoes in the audience. Be creative. The key is to have the audience wanting to come back next year.

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