Here is another way to raise funds using an inexpensive product. People from different walks of life can donate to your organization through buying rubber bracelets (also called wristbands).

Besides raising money, these stylish fundraising bracelets create awareness about a worthy cause. Be it at sporting events, conventions or rallies, they work to act as a common bonding factor among the members of the group wearing them.

Typically made from silicone or rubber, these bracelets are associated with raising money for numerous causes like aids, cancer, diabetes, leukemia, Alzheimer’s, blood donor, organ donor, substance abuse, holiday celebrations, support troops etc.bracelets

The Tsunami bracelet is a recent introduction with the aim of raising funds for helping tsunami victims.

Bracelets have helped many non-profit organizations raise funds worth thousands of dollars.

Imprinted and embossed versions, for both adult and youth sizes are available.

What’s Your Color?

Over the years, bracelets have assumed various colors depending upon the specific cause. For instance, the Diabetes Research Institute, with its “Insulin is Not a Cure” bracelets, has taken the red color for its fundraiser.

Another non profit organization, ‘Keep a Child Alive’ also provide bracelets with the same color to raise funds for children with HIV/AIDS.

Pink is the color chosen by Target stores and Amazon.com for their bracelets to raise funds for breast-cancer research.

Orange is the color of The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation‘s “MAX-LIFE” bracelet. This is also the color of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s bracelets to raise funds for their awareness-generating annual AIDS bike ride.

7-Eleven stores’ choice is green. They raise money for the USO, the organization which lends a helping hand to the members of the military community.

HeroBracelets.org has been selling Aluminum bracelets, each adorned with the names of fallen soldiers in the Iraq war. Proceeds from the sales go to the Fallen Heroes Fund.

Stylish and Helpful

A simple bracelet of yellow rubber is used by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The organization, founded by the renowned (and dethroned) cyclist, helps fellow cancer survivors “Live Strong”, and sells them for $1.

Interestingly, the yellow bracelet became a watershed, giving inspiration for charitable organizations to develop their own versions of silicone bracelets for fundraising, in various colors. Of late, many popular figures in the world have started wearing them with a special theme. And now, it has become a fashion for some who have started emulating their bracelet-brandishing heroes.

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