Just about everyone wears t-shirts. Their role as a wardrobe staple makes them an ideal product for fundraising, and a t-shirt fundraiser “starring” a t-shirt with your group’s logo or slogan is a good way to raise funds, not to mention visibility, for your cause.

The fundraising t-shirt has been around for a long time but has really changed over the last several years. In the beginning, t-shirt fundraisers were limited by the technology of the day and customizing the shirt could be expensive. Plus it could take a long time to receive your shirts. Things have certainly changed.

With any number of graphics software programs to choose from, almost anyone can create a design for their own t-shirt in minutes. And as the public has gotten good at this, professionals t-shirt fundraising companies have gotten even better. In this day and age, it’s possible to complete the entire event, from ordering to delivering, in just a few weeks.

The minimum order quantities have changed a lot too. In the past, the time to set up the “die” was time-consuming, and the t-shirt providers passed this cost on to you. Improvements in the production process have reduced this time, and subsequently the cost quite a bit.

Another factor (like it or not) is competition from foreign countries. Even if you buy an American-made product, the cost of the t-shirt itself is down to levels only dreamed of 15 years ago. Depending on the volume you purchase, the profit you make on your t-shirt fund raiser can be substantial.

Support your favorite team or cause with a custom designed t-shirt like this one

Support your favorite team or cause with a custom designed t-shirt like this one

In addition to customizing your t-shirt, there are other variations of the t-shirt fundraiser. Several companies have stock designs of dogs, cats, funny sayings, and other themes that you can purchase and resell. Some t-shirt fundraising companies focus on specific themes – Christian t-shirt fundraisers, for example.

Other companies offer different types of apparel besides shirts, such as caps, tote bags, aprons, etc.

T-shirt Fundraising Directory

Fundraising.com – offering up to 85% profit, these t-shirts will go fast and help you raise lots of cash for your group. Fundraising.com will even help you with the design if you need it.

Cafe Press – get a free web store and sell a variety of products for your fundraiser, including t-shirts, without spending a dime.

Testimonytees – Colorful Christian designs printed t-shirts. NO up front money or pre-purchase required. Fun, easy and profitable Christian t-shirt fundraising program for youth groups and all Christian ministries. Wholesale available!