A nice change from candy, popcorn, cookie dough, cheese cake and other sweets, a meat fundraiser appeals to a premium clientele and sells for a premium price.

A package of premium steaks can cost $60 or more and even the minimum order tends to be in the $30 range.

In addition to steaks, many companies offer pork chops, gourmet hamburgers or franks– all wonderful items for the grill Special cuts of meat, or more “exotic” meats like venison are also available.

The profit percentages can vary quite a bit, so be sure to shop around for the best deal.

Not to be confused with gift basket preserved meats or beef jerky, the product in a meat fundraiser is perishable, but you don’t have to worry about delivering it to your customer. The catalog company will handle the logistics. The meat is fresh-frozen and shipped in coolers packed with dry ice so no spoilage occurs.

Like so many catalog fundraisers, this one has an on-line and a brochure version. In the on-line version, your customer will shop at the catalog company’s web site, on a special page or with a special code and your salespeople don’t have to be involved beyond getting the customers to the web site in the first place.

Unlike other fundraisers though, even if you opt for the “pre-sales” or “order taker approach”, the meat supplier will drop ship the orders to the customers, even if they’re sold via the brochure.

Some general advice for this kind of fund raiser is “know thy grilling season”. Meat fundraisers tend to do best in late spring or early summer, although Christmas can be an excellent time too.

Or the convenience of beef jerky…

Beef jerky is another good choice for those of us not wanting to go the sugar route and like the idea of easy to sell items. They offer the convenience of snacks on the go, so you can carry them anywhere.

Where to go

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