Cub scouts and boy scouts have the benefit of being a widely recognized organization that does great things for young boys. Consider that advantage when planning fundraisers for cub scouts and choosing among the many fundraisers presented as fundraising ideas for cub scouts.

A Cause Worth Supporting

The cub scouts is a coveted organization. It has been in existence for decades and always stood for the same basic thing. There is little trouble convincing supporters that the cub scouts are a group worthy of their support, and sales are usually brisk for well-planned cub scouts fundraisers.

With such respect also comes responsibility. Supporters feel that the cub scouts have a responsibility to promote the tenets of respect, health, nature, fun, and good-living that are commonly associated with the group. What this means practically is that supporters do not want to see the cub scouts doing anything counter-productive to their own cause, and so some care should be taken when considering the many fundraising ideas for cub scouts that are out there.

Fundraising Ideas For Cub Scoutscub scouts

What, then, are some fundraising ideas for cub scouts that fit the theme and the purpose of the group, will be welcomed by supporters, yet still be manageable enough for a group of your boys?

Here are some fundraising ideas for cub scouts in two of the main categories of fundraising – services and events, and product sales:

Service and events

Here are some service and event-based fundraising ideas for cub scouts that will promote the purpose of the organization:

  • Can and bottle drives – cash in cans and bottles, clean up the community, provide a neighborhood service, and help the environment!
  • Service providers – sell the services of the cub scouts for a reasonable fee for manageable home, business or community services like yard clean-up, storefront cleaning, neighborhood beautification, etc.
  • Car wash – clean up, provide a service, and promote work ethic
  • Community service event – sponsor a fun day event and invite business partners to sponsor; some ideas are bike safety day, kids safety day, family fun day…promote fun, community spirit, and learning!
  • Printer cartridge and cell phone recycling – again, clean up, provide a service, and help the environment!

Product sales

Choose products that are not contrary to your group, and that can also promote your group’s purpose. Here are some fundraising ideas for cub scouts for product-based fundraisers:

  • Greenery sales (Christmas) and plant sales – promote the love of the outdoors and nature
  • First aid kits – preparation and safety are goals of the cub scouts
  • Snack and trail mixes – nutritiously enjoying the outdoors an going prepared for the hike!

This may be only a sampling of fundraising ideas for cub scouts, but it will hopefully get you started on thinking about even more fundraising ideas for your cub scouts. Continue the message of this organization that has become an American institution through your cub scouts fundraiser.