Choosing a fundraising program for a church, school, or other non-profit group can, at times, be a challenge.  For those groups who must conduct several fundraisers to meet their financial goals, finding a fundraiser with lots of benefits is essential, in order to have a high rate of participation.  One very popular program, a family portrait fundraiser, has several advantages and works with any organization.  Presented in this article, are the major advantages of a portrait fundraiser and how each can be used to increase participation.

First of all, there will always be a need for portraits.  Babies are born every day.  People get married, and new families are formed.  Therefore, for those who need a profitable fundraising program to conduct every year or two, finding participants is easy.

Around and during major holiday seasons, such as Christmas, persons use portraits as gifts or display them on Christmas cards.  Portraits are unique in that persons can give their loved ones a gift that is original.  What parent or grandparent wouldn’t absolutely love a portrait of their children and grandchildren?  Using portraits as gifts is the strongest selling point of the fundraiser.

Another benefit of this fundraiser is being able to use the advertising of national retailers and portrait studios to the group’s advantage.  If people see or hear advertisements for certain products and services enough, they think about them more, and since, during the Christmas season especially, there are more ads for portraits on television or in newspapers, the preselling is done.  If people are thinking about portraits anyway and they want to help an organization in their local community, then, why wouldn’t they participate?

Portraits are valuable, and unlike candy, candles, and other products, such as these, portraits become heirlooms and are passed from one generation to the next.  Organizations are able to offer participants a product they will always treasure, and when the portraits are displayed, persons will remember where they got them.

family portraitPersons receive the same treatment as they would at a professional portrait studio but in a more familiar and relaxed environment.  All too often, getting the whole family to go to a professional portrait studio is tough.  Because a professional photographer comes to a specified location to take the portraits and because most people in the local community or organization know each other, they are able to relax and have fun.

In conclusion, the benefits of a family portrait fundraiser are the never-ending need for portraits, using portraits as gifts, using advertising of other companies to increase participation, offering a valuable product, and a professional studio atmosphere in a familiar environment.  For those looking for an easy fundraising idea, give a photography fundraiser a try.

About the author

Elizabeth Henson has been in the fundraising arena both personally and professionally for many years.  While in college, as a leader in several student organizations, Mrs. Henson was in charge of hosting many fundraising events.  Along with her husband, Mrs. Henson now owns and operates a company that provides fundraising programs to churches, schools, and all other non-profit organizations.

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