Breast cancer bracelets were one of the first awareness bracelets to appear after the incredible success of the fundraising phenomenon started by world-renowned cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Armstrong, a cancer survivor, designed and began selling his LIVESTRONG bracelets as part of a fundraising effort to assist other cancer survivors.

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (and many other groups) quickly followed suit. They designed pink silicone bracelets emblazoned with their motto, “Sharing the Promise”. Since then, many different slogans have been adopted, but the color pink is the “official” color for the cause.

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation may have designed the “original” breast cancer awareness bracelets, but they are by no means the only provider. Their fundraising bracelets are a little more expensive than some at 1.20 each. This is because much of your purchase price is in itself a “fundraiser”, going to support the non-profit group.

If you want to donate to another breast cancer group though, or want more control over how your donated dollars are spent, several “for profit” providers offer their version of the “pink” bracelet for less – in the .85 -.99 cent range.

Since the Komen group’s slogans are copyrighted, the “for profit” provider’s version of the pink bracelet has their own slogans that promote finding a cure or just general awareness of the disease.

Other breast cancer fundraising items include “pink ribbon” pins, pink crystal bracelets and sunglasses that sport a pink ribbon and pink temple bar.

At just 2.50 a pair, the sunglasses could be an excellent supplemental item to have on hand for your next breast cancer awareness walk.

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