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Karaoke Fundraiser – Singing for Dollars

Fundraising at a karaoke night can become a regular fun-filled event – who doesn’t enjoy watching people prepared to embarrass themselves for a good cause?!

There are several ways to raise money by hosting this kind of fundraiser.  The common feature to all is an appropriate venue and a karaoke machine.  Although small systems are available for home use, it’s best to use a professional system, which will guarantee adequate volume and a large selection of songs, sometimes together with additional features such as the ability to record the performance and sell the CDs as extra fundraisers.

It may be worth asking local karaoke jockeys whether they would donate use of their equipment and/or time to the cause, but as the fundraiser needs to be on a popular night, it’s likely that one will need to be rented.

karaoke singerThey are easy to operate, particularly if the songs are on a “jukebox”; recorded on a hard drive, rather than on separate compilation CDs.

So in what ways can funds be raised at a karaoke evening?  The simplest is to charge admission to the event.  Depending on the venue, this admission charge may have to cover simple refreshments for the evening.

If the venue sells drinks, the management may be persuaded to give a percentage of the bar receipts to supplement the income.

Selling CDs has been mentioned above, but how about a donation if you want to sing?  Or a donation so that you are not required to sing?  Or a donation to nominate someone else to sing?

Don’t forget that it could also be interesting to have a talent contest, with the winner selected on the basis of applause.  At a fun occasion like this, the only limit is your imagination!

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