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Raise Money Year-round with a Cell Phone Fundraiser

A Cell Phone Fundraiser Saves the Environment and Helps the Needy

Not only will you help the needy and save the environment, but when you have a cell phone fundraiser, you’ll also make money for your group.

Millions of people around the world have obsolete cell phones gathering dust in closets or drawers that can be donated for your charity fund raising cause. More than 60 million wireless handsets lie idle in American homes and offices and that number is increasing every day.

Out with the new, in with the newer…

As new technology arrives, most subscribers get new phones and shelve the out-dated ones. An estimated 55 million cell phones will go out of use in the coming year alone. The number will multiply but the retired phones can become cell phone fund raising donations.

The newer the phone, the more you can get for it.

Where do those cell phones go?

The companies or dealers who receive these used phones recycle them and sell them to lesser-privileged countries, even where the cell phone has become a ubiquitous gadget. Based on the value of the donated phone, the donors get a tax deduction also. Besides clearing the “wireless landfills”, recycling cell phones for charitable causes improves the image of the wireless industry by showing that they’re philanthropic and responsible like ideal citizens.

The ultimate aim of many cellular donations is raising funds for a non profit organizations. This fundraiser activity has enormous and yet-to-be fully tapped revenue potential and can be organized and promoted without hassles. It also goes well with any existing fundraising activity. There is no need to buy anything and minimum staffing is required. Recycling cell phones is environment-friendly and above all serves a worthy cause.

The willing donors can donate their cell phones to local groups, companies or organizations collecting them. Or, they can visit recipients’ websites, and print out a shipping label to send in the wireless phones without costing them (the donors) a penny. The phone is recycled for sale in developing and poorer countries. The payment for each donated cell phone is mailed to the sponsoring charity or organization.

Lots of groups will benefit

Sports teams, churches, school groups, clubs, and other nonprofit organizations always search for the best ways to raise funds. A cell phone donation for fundraising gives them the added benefit of indirectly favoring the environment and without spending any money out of their pocket. Certain business firms also motivate their employees to donate their used personal phones for a noble cause, thus improving the image of the company.

In an effort to give respite to domestic violence victims, certain groups are collecting used, unwanted cell phones in order to raise funds or to give women handsets for use in emergency situations.

cellphone recycling

Cellphone buyers

FundingFactory¬†– Funding Factory’s Recycling Program encourages learning institutions across the country to collect used cell phones and empty laser and inkjet printer cartridges from their communities. These include used cell phones and printer cartridges consumed in both homes and businesses. Collected qualifying items earn points (or cash), which are then exchanged for new computer technology and recreation equipment. In this way FundingFactory connects community, education and the environment.


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