These fundraising ideas for kids are the activities and events that we feel are most appropriate for kids and youth groups. Of course, just as with the other fundraising classifications, these money making ideas can be done by any charity groups or non profit organizations successfully.


They’re cool, fashionable, and easy to sell. Raise money by selling custom bracelets with your group’s message. These make good fundraisers for kids because of their novelty and trendiness […] learn-more


Which is better, printing your own or buying pre-made calendars? Not really an idea of fundraising for kids as much as it is – or can be – about kids […] learn-more
boy holds cellphone

Cell Phones

Don’t let your obsolete cell phones gather dust – or worse, go to the landfill – give them to a worthy cause and get money for your worthy cause at the same time. Ideal for youth group fundraisers. The bigger the group, the better the results […] learn-more


Everyone loves chocolate. Need we say more? This is one of the quintessential fundraising ideas for kids, albeit with a little help from parents and their coworkers […] learn-more

Coupon Books

Popular throughout North America, these discount books are easy to sell because of the tremendous discounts they provide. One of the more popular fundraiser ideas for kids because they’re an easy sale, and delivery is so easy too […] learn-more

Custom Apparel

Sell a variety of products adorned with your logo through your own FREE website. Works well for youth sports fundraising ideas in particular […] learn-more
discount cards

Discount Cards

Like coupon books, discount cards are used by lots of charities and other non profit groups. They offer lots of savings for your supporters, making it an easy sale, so it’s one of the easy ways for kids to make money […] learn-more
wash bucket

Car Wash

This is one of a few quick and dirty (no pun intended) youth group fundraisers, which is especially suitable for older kids. They will get wet and tired, but they’ll probably enjoy doing it […] learn-more
kids holding sign

FREE Car Wash

At first glance, this may seem like a crazy idea. Why would anyone wanting to raise money donate their time and wash cars for free? This is one of the more clever fundraising ideas for youth groups or other non profits […] learn-more


Lollipops make easy fundraising ideas for kids. They’re sweet and they’re cheap. Plus, they’re easy to sell and very profitable. Your group can earn a significant profit by selling these colorful little balls of sweet goodness […] learn-more

Ink Jet Cartridges

Make money for your fundraising group and do something wonderful for your community and our planet. Collect used inkjet cartridge donations and raise money all year long […] learn-more
hand holding donut

Krispy Kreme Donuts

The melt-in-your-mouth money raising plan. Donuts are cool fundraisers for youth groups because, frankly, who doesn’t like donuts…? […] learn-more
hand holding cd

Music CDs

Music cds fundraising follows one of four different models. CD’s are on their way out as a technology (Wow, that went fast!) but kids love music, so they still work as perfect kids fundraising ideas […] learn-more
pizza chef


Who doesn’t love pizza? Yes, we just said the same thing about donuts, but pizza is probably the most popular food among kids ever, and youth group fundraising ideas that involve such a popular item are sure to raise lots of dough […] learn-more
little girl reading


Here’s how to raise money for kids and make them smarter too. The read-a-thon is great tool for raising money and intelligence at the same time […] learn-more
girl hugs earth


Help your beautiful planet and raise money at the same time […] learn-more
yellow rubber ducks

Rubber duck race

Fun for one and all. Ideally for larger groups, races and competitions are always fun fundraising ideas for kids and make great fundraising ideas for kids sports teams too. The more the merrier […] learn-more
youth scratchcard


One of several brilliant fundraising ideas that is one of the easiest and most profitable too. Scratch off cards make great fundraising ideas for church youth groups or other groups like sports teams […] learn-more
child magician

Talent Show

Of the many fundraising events, the talent show could be the most fun. There is probably a lot of undiscovered talent in your city, so you may never run out of performers. And, everyone loves to watch their children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews perform on stage, so you’ll have a built-in audience […] learn-more