It seems like a boastful name, but the World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser (WFC) is a product with a business tradition going back 50 years and is so popular that people still ask for it by name.

That says a lot.wfc

Such a fundraising campaign can’t go wrong. Unlike many other fundraising products, these premium chocolate bars are not available in most stores, so there is no price competition to worry about.

It’s worth mentioning that chocolate in general is a favorite treat for most everyone and thus easy to sell. Chocolate candy fundraisers are always a win-win for the organizers and supporters.

WFC is a premium chocolate bar with a distinct shape and size. It is special enough to give as a gift. A lot of your customers will buy several just to do that.

You can now personalize your WFC bars with your own message, logo and a photo of your group.

How This Fundraiser Works

Step 1: Purchase the chocolate at a wholesale price.

Step 2: Chocolate is delivered to you about 5-7 days later.

Step 3: Resell the bars at a price you choose to family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. You can also promote it at community events such as PTA meetings, athletic events, cultural fairs, or church gatherings.

Step 4: Earn the difference for your organization.


    • Chocolate fundraisers¬†work well in small to medium groups such as schools where the children can sell it at different events.
    • For such low dollar items, it’s important to sell a big quantity to reach your financial goals.
    • It’s best to ask each participant to sell a minimum number of items.
    • Offering prizes for high sellers encourages competition and creativity and produces higher sales.

Chocolate Suppliers

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