Over the years people collect a number of less than desirable pieces of clothing or accessories that they would rather forget about. Now there are some that continue on wearing those horrendous pieces, but we won’t target them! A cute and quick fundraiser is to hold an “Ugliest Tie Contest”. This fundraiser is almost 100% pure profit for the organization because there is no overhead at all.

Location is easy because the lack of set up allows for participation at just about any location. Just about the only expense that you will incur is for advertisements and even that can be donated!

How to conduct an ugly tie contest

This type of fundraiser works best if it is conducted amongst co-workers, or other individuals having something in common. That way they all know each other, can laugh and have a good time. While a community “ugly tie contest” would bring a great deal of revenue, you will likely not have the cohesion of the group or ability to laugh freely at the ugliest tie, for fear of making someone mad!

Another positive of having the contest in the office is the fact that there is no rental or other fees associated with your fundraiser for placement. Decorating would be minimal allowing you to focus on getting prizes donated.

Good prizes for the ugliest tie

nice tie Everyone loves gift cards whether they are to a local restaurant, shopping center or movie theater. This type of prize can be awarded for winners in the third through fifth slots. For the runner up and winner it is a good idea to have a bigger and better prize, such as a motel stay, spa treatment, or money. This gives people the incentive to hunt for the ugliest tie and show it off!

Approach local vendors and companies asking for donations such as the prizes mentioned above, that way you are not out money for your prizes. The point is to raise as much as possible, so always look for donations first.

How to raise money from the ugly tie contest

To enter their tie into the contest the individual must first pay the fee, which can be $10 on up. The larger the pool of potential participants the lower the entrance fee can be, because you can expect to make more money due to more potential participants. If the office or potential participant pool is small then you would want to make your entrance fee higher.

The better the winning prize can also have a great effect on the amount of money that you charge for the entrance fee. Most people will enter believing that they have a chance at that first prize, which is incentive enough!

Spins on this fundraiser

  • Biggest/Smallest Tie Contest
  • Oldest Tie Contest
  • Most Colorful Tie Contest
  • Tackiest Tie Contest

To raise more money and increase participation further, consider combining this fundraiser with another, such as a barbecue, dance, or other large event.

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