What we did to raise money for our local school was a car wash. The money went to school events like homecoming and field trips. Because school funds do not get to go directly to school events, it is up to the faculty, teachers, and the students to raise the money.

We chose to raise money for school events because the students deserve it. They are hard working and well rounded kids that need a little extra push.

You may think once you have seen one car wash, you’ve seen them all, but you would be wrong.

First pamphlets were sent out with the students telling of the event and date of the car wash and encouraged parents to tell others of the car wash. The word spread like crazy thanks to this effort. On the day of the car wash, students, parents, and teachers helped to wash cars and hold posters up on the side walk.

We had music playing that everyone liked and had little acts and skits set up for people to view while they waited for their car to get washed.

The event was a huge success thanks to all of those who helped out in one way or another.