My kids attend private school, and for the past five years, we have held an annual walk-a-thon to raise money for the school. The money goes to whatever the school needs that paricular year – repaving the parking lot, a new roof, proving scholarships for in-need families, etc. We came up with this fundraising idea in an attempt to offset the need to raise the tuition yearly. So, far, it has been a great success! Last year alone, we raised over $50,000!

We chose a walk-a-thon because we wanted to do something that the kids could be involved in. This way they feel like they are helping out, and they also get a huge fun-filled day. We make a big production out of it for the kids, and they look forward to it every year.To generate excitement for the kids, we collected prizes from local businesses and from families at the school. The kids collected pledges and received a raffle ticket for the prizes for every $1 they collected. Additionally, on the day itself, there are special t-shirts, a carnival like production with food, drinks and games to play between laps or after the walking is complete. Teachers dress as cheerleaders to root on the kids. It is a complete day of fun for everyone!