We were trying to raise money in order fund tournament travel expenses. I noticed that were no places in my town that recycle ink cartridges at all, and I thought this might be an opportunity to both help out with landfill problems and to make people feel good about recycling while bringing in money.

In order to make this a success, we put up fliers all around town, mainly in the library and on campuses. Many students have empty ink cartridges and just throw them in the trash.

Possibly the best idea I had was to contact local businesses about where they disposed of old ink cartridges. This was actually where the majority of funds came from as they have the most resources.

Not only did we receive one time contributions, but we also have now established a repertoire with those companies who now recycle with us regularly. Also, one company asked if they would receive donation contribution. Since we are not an established charitable group, we were not able to give them this. However, if you are a non for profit organization you might be able to offer the companies a tax deduction for their recycling. This way both of you benefit and they can feel good for recycling.

Over a years worth, we were able to raise over $15,000 and now have a fund for future events. Our membership fees, insurance, and equipment are now solely funded through recycling!