I was a member of the Prom Committee in my Junior year of High School. The previous year’s committee had overspent and actually left us in debt. So, in order to make our prom a success we had run several fundraisers. A lollipop fundraiser was one of them.

We actually went with this idea because the previous committee had also left us with an abundance of lollipops that they weren’t able to sell. We sold the lollipops every day at lunch and other times throughout the day. We sold them individually and in bundles for a better price.

They sold so well we actually had to end up ordering more. We sold a variety of flavors, including sour ones to help reach all of our buyers. We also worked together with other organizations to sell them. For example, when the student government sold flowers for Valentine’s day, we were able to sell our lollipops in bouquets and pair them with flowers.

Throughout the entire year, I believe we made around $300 from lollipop sales.

If you have the right buyers(such as high school and junior high students), this fundraiser can be a great success!