I am not one of those people who write lightly, so when I say something I am sincere. One of my friends makes those gel candles, to give to the members of her church every Christmas, and I think it is a nice gesture, but I had no idea how receptive people were to candles. Sure they look great on a table,shelf,or a mantel, but I figured, it was a once, maybe twice in a life time purchase.

Well how wrong I was.

This time, my church needed help. I was helping this pastor start his ministry, and his church was a small store front. The congregation was around 150, with around 35-40 being small children. The church was in a poor neighborhood, with nearly all the congregation being on public assistance. However, because the pastor was a radio personality, he had a few well to do followers and some outside support.

Beginning in the summer, we had begun to pick up gifts for the children, from the money that was collected in the urn in the back of the church, and by December we had nearly all the children covered.

Then it happened, someone broke in via the upper levels, which contained a few broken down apartments, and stole nearly everything from the church. Speakers, tree, Bibles, recording equipment, and yes the gifts for the children. What to do?

I was speaking to my friend, telling her what had happened. She suggested her candles. I was uncertain that it would work, but nothing from nothing always leaves you in the same spot.So she made around 150 while she was making her gifts and shipped them to me, and I ordered a few from a dealer who sold them as fundraising project.

Well I was so wrong about the candles.

The church was down the street from a shopping area and we enlisted the help of the stores, and market. The congregation sold them, the pastor and his friends sold them, even I sold them. Everyone plus I had to reorder and they went.

We made over $3000 in less than two weeks. From candles. I was in awe.

The story ended great. The children all got even better gifts, another church donated Bibles, and sound equipment, and Christmas service was so blessed. I guess you can say it was a miracle of the candle.