I have two children, that are 7 years apart. When my oldest was in school, she always sold candy bars or magazines and sometimes it was hard to find people interested in purchasing them. This was often discouraging to my daughter and she became less and less motivated to sell her various products.However, when my son was in school, the high school band needed to raise money, so we looked for a fundraiser that would really sell to everyone! What we decided on was lollipops. It was very successful.

The lollipops we chose we bought for 25 cents each, but were sold for 50 cents each. That’s a huge markup, but still affordable to everyone.

While my son wasn’t allowed to sell during school, he could sell almost half a box (one box is 50 suckers) before school to his friends. They are so cheap that they are easy to sell. They also had a great selection of flavors, like banana split or cotton candy, not your typical apple, grape, cherry, etc.

We also did door to door sales with them, and that went over great as well. These suckers can be sold anywhere and everywhere! You do have to sell alot to raise real money, but it was so successful because they sell so fast, it’s very easy.

The kids loved them and felt accomplished and motivated to keep going when they started selling!

We raised over $1500, which was very good for that type of sales.