My high school tennis team decided to sell lollipops as a candy fundraiser. The team was based at an inner-city high school where tennis was not popular in comparison to other teams we played.

The team needed to raise funds to help pay for new jackets and racket bags in order to look more professional for the state tournament we had finally made it to!

We chose the lollipops mainly because it was a different idea than what was typical at my school. Normally, teams and groups sold chocolate candy bars or Christmas wrapping paper. Picking something unique to what other group around you are selling is a great idea!

Even though the lollipops were sold for less than chocolate bars and other fundraiser items, we sold tons of them and had to order more! The cheaper price meant more people were willing to buy the lollipops.

We were only expecting the fundraiser to provide hopefully half of the funding for the jackets and racket bags, but we raised enough money to pay for them in full!