So the schools sports team need money for a bus to go out of town on a game. This was a lot of money that needed to be collected for such a big trip. The arts and craft club at school gave us the idea of a bracelet fund raiser for the job. It was a great plan and then we set into action the fund raiser.

Students in the arts and crafts club on campus helped make the bracelets as well as the sports team. They made thousands of bracelets that were to be sold to other students, parents, friends, neighbors, and just about everyone else they came in contact with.

We first sent out fliers that detailed the fund raiser and encouraged parents to participate in the sales. Bracelets were sent home with the sports team, arts and crafts club members, and any other student willing to participate in the fund raiser.

Each morning for a month, students selling bracelets were sent in to every class room on campus and tried to sell as many bracelets to the teachers and students. This was only one phase of the plan.

After students went to their designated classrooms for that day, they would bring all money from their sales, both from home and school, and it would be tallied up and the student received six home work passes if they had brought in the most money on that day.

By the thirtieth day, all the money that had been brought in from sales of both at home and school, was counted. We needed a whole lot of money and this fund raiser was our last chance to make the money that was needed.

Thankfully, we did raise enough money for the trip with the combined efforts of selling hand made bracelets at school and selling them at school and out of school.

The fund raiser was great and huge success on all parts and all the students were glad. Fund raisers like this school based one, usually bring up the pep in a school, and that is exactly what happened here. The students had a renewed pride for their school which was a bonus.