This year, at our high school in Pennsylvania, we needed money for our Key Club (a volunteer organization) that was going to shut down soon because the school district had no money to keep it running.

With no idea how to keep the club open, we started consulting many students of the school on what action we should take. Eventually, we thought that we could have a cookie dough fundraiser to save our club.

We started advertising our fundraiser all over our club. We also advertised the great things Key Club does for the community (we help serve food to the homeless, we do relay for life, etc.). We got everyone in the school excited to buy cookie dough. As soon as we got started, we started to get orders left and right. Everyone wanted to buy it to support our club.

Not only was the cookie dough good, but the fundraiser helped support our club and save it. All together, we ended up raising about $700!
I would say the advertising and the worthy cause we were fundraising for really helped.

I would recommend that everyone try this fundraiser! Just make sure it is well advertised and organized. After all, cookie dough saved our volunteer organization!