My grades class trip was coming up and at the student council meeting we were talking about how to raise money and how the typical ways are so played out and do not raise much anyways. The car wash is done so often by so many groups it was out, and no one ever buys the candy or suckers when you sell them.

A fad sweeping through our halls was jerky because we live in a hick little country town sunflower seeds and jerky were in. So we looked into doing a beef jerky fundraiser to cash in on this easy snack fad.

We got it all figured out after lots of planning and decided to see it in little bundles and if you bought 5 we would give you a free bag of sunflower seeds.

We went to all the local sports and town events and sold it during lunch and breaks at school and it was a hit. We sold much more than we needed for the trip and ended up making 10,000. We plan on doing this again at least once this year and multiple times next year.

The tip I would share is go more to country places and hit up guys they love jerky. Also make deals and bundle offers.