I own a meat shop locally here in Nova Scotia Canada. It has been in my family since my father opened it in the 60’s. We make all our own beef jerky here and it has been our biggest seller for almost 50 years. It is fresh, moist and never dry.

My daughters school band needed to raise money to go on a trip to New York City so i actually thought,why not go to the school and sell some jerky to the kids for a good cheap price.

There really was not a lot of work involved to be honest,just work of mouth to get it out there that I was going mobile,something I had never done before. To my surprise the whole town found out before long and I had the parents coming into the store, one of my long time customers came in and purchased 250.00 in jerky just because of the cause.

Tips to share for anyone looking to do this,the best thing to do is always find a local butcher who makes the stuff because the freshness is a key part to good jerky. The only other thing is,talk to people about it,get the word spread around whats going to be happening,make sure you give lots of notice ahead of time so people can plan to stop by. Lower prices below what you would normally sell it for/buy it for and just focus on the cause.

All in all we were able to raise 1678.57, we expanded the fundraiser over a few days as it was such a big success and now I even run a portable wagon to local baseball/soccer games and other events.