I am a parent and also the PTO President of my daughters school in Lincoln, Nebraska. At her school we have a parent coffee group that meets every other Friday. We came up with the idea of a safety calendar to raise money for the PTO.

Since October is National Safety month we thought we would get the students involved in helping making a calendar for the year. We as a group came up with safety issues for the school as well as outside of school environment. Some of the subjects included, playground safety, crossing the street with an adult, bus safety, internet safety, keep you shoes tied, stair safety are just a few. We as a group selected a subject for each class. We have K-5 and two classes of each.

Each teacher had the students draw a picture on their safety subject. The pictures were handed in after a two week period of time. The parent coffee group then narrowed the entries down to the top 3. The pictures then were posted on a wall and the students then were able to vote on their favorite picture to go into the calendar.

Once the pictures were voted on myself and another lady went to the Monday morning meeting the school had for the students and announced the winners. We then found an online company that would print the calendars for us.

The other lady scanned, cropped, and added text to the pictures for the calendar. We sent out flyers for pre-orders and then submitted the orders to the online company.

For our first fundraiser of this type it went fairly well. Things we would change about our next safety calendar would be to start sooner than we did, and also give each teacher a specific subject instead of letting them choose which subject we choose to let their grade level draw about.

Also instead of doing 2 orders we will only be ordering calendars once. While doing this fund raising the students got excited about drawing the pictures to see who the winners would be. This was a lot of work to put together but was well worth the effort. I would do this again with slight changes.