I am so excited to share this way of making money for school or scouts, and it’s a good way to get the kids involved in recycling and seeing our every-day junk/trash as still-useful – in a different way. I really hope people see this and think more about throwing anything away.

I have a free account with a company where they buy back empty inkjet and toner cartridges that (we) normally just throw away, but this place pays for them!

My kids get them from friends’ parents, I get them both at work and in my home printer.

I save up 20 or so and mail them back (they pay the shipping), then they send me a check 2 weeks later. Sometimes it’s $12, sometimes I get spent¬†cartridges from work and I get a $150… but the best is it’s free and it’s with an item that’s normally trashed. And no selling cookies or gift-wrap (I have a lot of it already!).

The PTO does well when they have an “inkjet” drive for the school.