Our Easter egg raffle is becoming an annual event, and is a big hit each time!

People get involved with a raffle is there is an idea associated with it that is “cute and fuzzy” – and what better than a cute Easter bunny!

Last year, my colleagues guessed the name of the Easter bunny (a cute Easter bunny teddy was the main prize, with eggs and chocolate bunnies as runner up prizes). Even if they weren’t interested in winning the bunny, they were interested in the runner up prizes.

This year, the prizes are fancy chocolate easter eggs. And for the raffle, everyone is guessing which countries our busy Easter bunny is going on his holidays. (A rabbit going on holiday?! Yeah right, but you still get a lot of adults choosing their destinations based on where its not too hot or too cold for a rabbit to go…!)

Its great fun, everyone gets involved, and everyone is after the prizes (err… ever known anyone not like chocolate?)

Also, I’ve made it so people feel they’ve got at least something for their money, by giving them a mini egg for each guess they pay for. Target your colleagues around break times when their sugar cravings will get the better of them!

Good luck and enjoy!