I can still remember the very first fundraiser that I ever participated in as a student. In 3rd grade the Parent Teacher Organization decided they would like to raise some money in order to sponsor a student’s fair. I remember being very excited by the prospect of peddling chocolate.

As soon as I got my batch I became the first student to sell any to the teacher.

My sister would go through the same class. Unfortunately, her year never got the opportunity to sell any chocolate.

However, when she entered the seventh grade she joined the jazz band. They were granted a wonderful opportunity to go to Washington D.C. to participate in a musical festival. To raise the money, they immediately began fundraising with Hershey’s chocolate bars.

My sister, being as smart as she is, started close to home. Her first entire box was sold to us and our neighbors. For weeks the house was riddled with wrappers and coupons for pizza. But selling just one box wasn’t enough for my sister.

Determined to make more sales, she waited until a local art festival was in full swing. Then, seizing her opportunity, she set up a lemonade/chocolate stand, with a large banner proclaiming, “All proceeds to the Mustang Jazz Ensemble!” and as fast as that, there went another box.

I figured that my sister had now reached her salesman’s limit, but she was merely resting.

A week later, at a church fundraising event, we agreed to help sell parking spots. As I collected money and directed cars towards their spots, my sister stood by with chocolate.

As each family walked by on their way to the nearest attraction, my sister gave them a grin and asked them if they were hungry. Many of them were tempted, but the fact that it was for charity really sold them.

I gotta tell you, my sister sure knows how to sell ’em.