As a member of the PTO at my son’s private Catholic school in north Georgia, I was very satisfied with the success of our cookie dough fund raiser. The entire elementary school participated in order to raise money for our school’s art program.

We worked in conjunction with a company who specializes in school fund raisers that received a percentage of our profits. The company sent a representative to the school to explain the fund raiser to the students. He was very engaging and helped explain to the students the prizes they could receive for participating in the fund raiser. He also brought handouts for the students to bring home to their parents. We were able to exceed our goal I believe in large part because of the enthusiasm the company’s representative instilled in the students.

I also firmly believe that selling perishable items is the key to greater sales. People are more willing to buy food items because they are sure that they will be used. Our school has sold fruit for a similar fund raiser and found it to be about equally successful.

We will be using cookie dough again as we believe it has greater potential than fruit we are confident that we can duplicate the success we had last year.