My daughter’s school, Lyon’s Elementary, ran a cookie dough fundraiser to raise money for playground equipment. Each child was given the cookie booklet from the fundraising company, which contained the info and pictures of each product.

The cookie dough was sold by the 3lb. tub or by preformed, ready to bake cookies.There were also brownies and a soft pretzel kit.

Prizes were offered for each level sold. 1-5 units, 6-10 units, and so on. The highest unit listed for a prize is 75.

We did the obvious, brought it to work and sold for our kids. There were people outside of Walmart selling also. Once the orders were in, it takes about 3 weeks before the cookies come in then you have to distribute.

I believe our school got 30% of the proceeds and they ended up with $25,000.00 It was definitely worth doing as they are planning on building another playground for the bigger kids soon.