My son’s school had a fund raiser to help support their end-of-the-year class trip.

They had contests through out the time period of the fund raiser. Who ever sold the most items over the first three days won a prize. If they sold a certain allotment within the first week, they got to go on a limo ride to lunch. If they sold above the allotment, they got to invite a friend to join the limo/lunch. If they sold pre-determined quantities, the seller would receive a dollar per unit sold. Above the highest pre-determined quantity, and the seller would double his reward.

My son visited all the local family members, solicited the neighborhood, and my husband and I took brochures to work with us.

Every morning during the school’s morning announcements, updates about quantities sold and by whom, were given over the intercoms. The kids liked hearing their names and cheered others on.

The day to pick up supplies, the children were involved in the sorting and loading of the product. The kids had fun seeing who’s stack of boxes were the highest. They would all line up to offer their services to carry the boxes to parents cars.

The school did a wonderful job on creating and maintaining the students enthusiasm for this fundraiser.