We needed to raise money for our co-op nursery school. Our rent was increased and we really didn’t want to move in the middle of our school year. I had a fundraiser cookbook from the fifties that had been my mothers and I still used many of the recipes in it. I suggested the idea of a cookbook with our favorite recipes, knowing that it should sell well. After all, everyone loves new recipes, and especially if you know they’ve been family favorites.

There were forty of us in the group, and we had everyone submit their four top favorites, and asked that they write a short blurb about the recipe, it’s history etc. It was a lot of fun to do and we all dug back through our files and asked relatives and friends for recipes as well. We picked the top hundred, judging mostly on how appealing it sounded and if it had a good story as well. And we tried to pretty much divide them equally as to the categories. We didn’t want ALL desserts!

We had a local printer print them up and we had them done with a spiral ring binder. We had a few artists in the group as well who volunteered to do some nice art work. We sold them through word of mouth and had a lot of interest. We sold every one and could have sold many more.It really helped to have some nice artwork and the individual stories. It was a nice touch and I recommend that.

We made about five hundred dollars. It was a fun project and it’s nice to have the keepsake now.