We wanted to raise some money to offset the cost of travel baseball. I searched online and saw that there were a number of sites we could check to compare prices for cell phones, broken ipods and other electronics. These included for example www.gazelle.com, www.sellyourcell.com and others.

Most of these products have nickel or ion batteries and few people just throw out their old phones or realize the electronics have value even if broken. Since they just did nothing with them donating them and taking them off their hands was just good sense for them and basically pure profit toward offsetting the cost.

I sold envy phones, Motorola phones, an ipod with a cracked screen etc plus picked up phones from neighbors and family. Since obviously these sites do not take everything because some models are simply too old or obsolete, those items needed to be just stored until the town ran its hazardous materials disposal program where you drop off such items along with paint remover etc.

This is just a great idea for fundraising because most people have 1 or 2 cell phones at home that are pretty new because they upgrade when their contract renews each year or two. They discontinue use of the old phone and simply transfer the number to the new one. The old one is simply not being used.

Likewise, people drop and step on ipods and other electronics and crack the screen. They may think they have no value but depending on the models they do.

Most of sites provide self addressed envelopes or packaging materials to send in the items. More people and groups should consider this recycling fundraising option because neighbors are often inundated with purchasing raffles and candy and this is a good alternative. Plus depending on the model, the fundraising per item can be very good.