In our art club one year, our group leader decided that it was time to do an interesting fundraising event. She was tired of all the chocolate, flowers, and magazine events so at this specific time, she decided to do something a little different.She gathered the group together for a meeting and explained to all of us that we will be doing a calendar event. Whoever sold the most calendars got a prize.

All of the money collected went towards our art supplies as well as an art fair trip that we all wanted to take.

Surprisingly enough, it was very easy to sell calendars. Our group leader paired with a sponsor and we were given a packet that had different calendar designs on it. Almost everyone wanted to help out with the cause, and they wanted a new calendar for next year, so they all ended up chipping in.

Needless to say, I wasn’t the one who raised the most, but another group member did. I don’t remember the exact amount we raised, but I can say we did get new art supplies and we did get to go to the given art fair.

My advice for when doing a calendar fundraiser, do it at a time where people have options for the next year calendar.