I work with so many social and religious groups, that I believe, fundraising is my appointed second job.

Those silicone bracelets, that everyone was wearing are such a great fundraising idea.

We just needed to have some extra money in the club for incidentals that the corporate office usually would not provide. We made it a habit to keep around $300 for things like a spur of the moment ice cream day, or barbecue. Our funds were getting low and we had no idea how to replenish them. It was then that one of the parents suggested we have those silicone bracelets made with the Boys and Girls Club imprinted on it and sell them. Wasn’t a bad idea we thought. Some of the teens were wearing them like bangles as it was. So we ordered 500, in various colors, and put them on display.

Normally, we could barely get a kid to buy one cookie, here they were, buying a bracelet everyday. We were out of bracelets by weeks end. We got a call from corporate, asking what it was we were selling that the other two clubs had called to get purchase order numbers to purchase some to sell. We told them, just bracelets.and that we,the parents and staff had invested our own personal money to get and we made it back on the first order. The President was floored. He had known that Westside was the smallest club in building structure ,with the largest population, and the biggest heart. Now he has come to realize, after 4 years, we are the most motivated. We are devoted to the children, and will do what it takes to help them grow up happy.  

So if you see an organization selling those little silicone bracelets, buy one. Then go to your own organization and say, lets make some money, this will work.