I have done the bracelet fundraiser several times for various organizations. The one that stuck out the most to me was for my college service fraternity. We were trying to raise money so that we could host service projects and keep the cost of the dues to the brothers down. To make the fundraiser a success, we had each of the members purchase one and wear it around campus. We also set up tables on campus and made flyers and announcements. Because the bracelet was about school spirit at our campus, they sold incredibly well, as almost everyone wanted one.

We even had our alumni association advertise it in their newsletter. The more that you can advertise the better off you will be. Through excessive advertising we were able to make a profit of around $500. We also knew our market and researched places to buy quite well, so that we could make the most without overcharging.

We asked every member to take an equal amount of bracelets and sell them. It worked well, and we could’ve sold more!