My husband is the youth leader at our church for what is called “Boys Club” on Monday evenings for not only our young male members of our church home, but also for young male youth in our community as well. Last Spring the Boys club was looking to raise money to go to a local youth conference, and were looking for out of the box ideas for sales as girl scouts sell cookies, boyscouts sell popcorn, our church usually sells subs, etc.

After mulling it over for awhile my husband and the man who helps him from our church decided to sell beef jerky as not only is it delicious but it also appeals to men more over than women and would be great for boys to sell for our boys club at church! My husband still to this day swears that the beef jerky sold itself. This really was a great sale, and they in fact ran out of beef jerky that they had bought to sell!

They simply sent flyers out to sell this, which was a very clever idea..they mailed it out in the mail coupon packs, with our churches number, and email address and took orders that way! It was a great sale and the boys club in fact raised enough money to go on the retreat but also extra to have an end of the year party as well!!