During my sophomore year in college my ROTC class needed funds for the senior’s Military Ball. Usually we sold candy bars, or had a cook out during home coming where people would give us donations, but this year we had a less conventional person in charge of fund raising and his idea was to replace the usual fund raising activities and instead sell beef jerky. This person who shall not be named purchased enough beef jerky for each ROTC Cadet to have fifty pieces of beef jerky that were to be sold at a dollar per piece.

With about one hundred Cadets at our small liberal arts college of about eighteen hundred people this meant that each person at our college would have an ample supply of beef jerky. Needless to say all of us were a little skeptical about selling so much beef jerky to such a small amount of potential customers. However, we were quickly proven wrong by our new non-conventional fund raiser. Each time we sat down in class four or five people would whisper to us that they would take one, or more, pieces of beef jerky.

With four to five classes each our fifty piece of beef jerky went a lot faster then anyone expected. Within a week and a half we had raised enough money to throw a wonderful Military Ball and for my next two years of college other students would wait with anticipation for the ROTC Beef Jerky Sale.