This was for the New Mexico Billiards Associations first fund raiser. We designed a fun silent auction, with a chance to play a game of 8-ball with some of our top players.

The winning bidder played first, if they lost, the next bidder went.

Each of our top players was instructed to wear funny boxer shorts under their jeans, and when the top players lost, they had to take their pants off. Thus, the beat the pants off ’em theme. One of our top players was wearing boxers with dollar signs on them, who ever “beat the pants off” this player would win 50.00, of course the identity of that player was secret, so bidders did not know who had the “money boxers on”.

We made a lot of money on this fund raiser, our best players were hard to beat the pants off and often played and beat 3 or 4 bidders before they were beaten, so we would collect bids from 3 or 4 bidders for each match!