We raise funds to provide uniforms and other equipment for all the high school and middle school teams in our area. There are many different fundraisers during the year, but we wanted something to actually get the athletes themselves involved. We came up with the idea of developing a discount program card for popular local merchants. Two of our trustees solicited local merchants to provide cardholders with some discount at their establishment.

Most of the restaurant type gave 2 for 1 deals while other merchants gave discount percentages.

We had the cards printed with our school logo, a bear. We then organized a Bear Card blitz day. We got all the athletes together in the High School gym for a pep rally type event. We set aside some money for individual and team prizes. Then we send the athletes out in groups to assigned areas. Younger athletes ( middle school ) are provided with parent drivers/chaperones.

We then have everybody back at the High School for a wrap up and pizza party. We hand out prizes and have fun recognizing the teams and individuals. We have netted over $8,000 each time we do it. Plus the kids have fun too!