My sons school does an annual walk-a-thon. It is the schools biggest fundraiser of the year. I am unsure of the exact amount they raised last year but I believe it was more than $20,000. The students bring home pledge forms where family and friends pledge an amount per lap the child walks. For example I pledged a dollar for each lap and my mother pledged 20 cents per lap that my son completed.

So after the walk-a-thon they calculate how many laps he did and we go out to everyone that signed up and collect the money. The school also gives the children bonus gifts for walking more laps like water bottles for 10 laps and t-shirts for 15 laps to motivate them.

It is a fantastic way to raise money. It gets the kids active. It is a little bit competitive so the kids want to walk more laps. The school provides water cups and live music to “pump” them up. It is a fantastic healthy way to raise money for the school.