This fundraiser was to help my friends class go on a trip they really wanted to go on. They tried the candy thing and car washing, and it just wasn’t quite enough money. They needed to think of something else to get them to their goal….My friend and I brain stormed for hours, when we came up with the idea to make Bingo Scratch Cards. I also had connections with the local movie theater, they agreed to give me 4 movie passes, and 2 free concession tickets for the winner…So, basically the scratch cards cost a dollar.

We sold for a week, and we told everyone who bought one to turn into our schools radio station at 4pm and we would play a game of bingo! Whoever called in with Bingo first was the winner…We ended up with two Bingo winners, and one of them beat the other person to it. We felt bad for them so we used $20.00 of the money we raised (we exceeded our goal by 60ish dollars) and gave him a gift certificate to Applebees. It was very successful and a lot of fun.