My son’s high school band was in its infancy. The high school, located in Memphis, Tn was only three years old and had less than 100 band members.

The band wanted to participate in a band contest in Orlando, Florida over the winter holiday break. The cost for each student was $750.00.

We knew we needed a big fundraiser but everyone was selling cookie dough, Christmas paper, candy and magazines. Let’s face it, there are only so many magazines you can read, paper you need and candy and cookies you can eat.

After looking at what seemed like hundreds of ideas, we decided to create our own calendar. We wanted to give the kids equal time in the calendar and bring them front and center (not lost in a group photo). Also, this would make the calendar a must have for grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles!

We decided on a 16 month calendar and needed 18 pages of pictures. One page was dedicated to the band director and guest instructors (they need a calendar also!). Each section selected a month and dressed for it. For example, the percussion section chose Halloween and dressed in costumes.

The front of the calendar was a group photo and each month included band activities so parents, grandparents and patrons of the band would know all our upcoming events.

We sold the calendars at high school/band events, the local fall festival and asked local retailers to sell them in their stores.

The calendar was such a big success, we had requests from parents and businesses the next year to produce another one!