During my time at Mount Pleasant High School in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, my organization worked scratchcard fundraisers in order to obtain money for the organization. In particular, I was a member of the National Honor Society and we used scratchcards to obtain money for your yearly philanthropic donation. We usually donated the proceeds from our scratchcard fundraiser to the Red Cross.

To make our fundraiser a success, we always advertised. Not only did we advertise the cause and the fundraiser itself, but we advertised the coupons and various prizes that come with a scratchcard fundraiser. We contacted the local radio station, hung up flyers and local businesses, put up banners around school, advertised on the local bulletin board, and even announced the fundraiser during halftime of high school games.

Overall, we had a great turnout due to our advertising efforts. While scratchcards are easy to do, it is sometimes harder to find people to donate, though, because they aren’t getting a solid product as they would with a candle sale or bake sale. Also, they are not really for young children because it does promote a feel of gambling. Overall, though, the scratchcard fundraiser yielded a high profit with minimal work – a sponsors dream!