When I was in the 5th grade, many years ago, my 4-H club in Spencer, West Virginia debated on how we were going to raise money to help pay for summer camp. I don’t remember how much aluminum was worth at the time, but I remember it was quite high for the time. We decided that we would all get our extended family and friends involved in helping us save and collect cans.

We talked to different businesses and they allowed us to leave trash cans with the information about us and what we were trying to do in their businesses for people to leave their cans. I remember my extended family members saving cans and I remember our club getting together on Saturdays and walking along the road to pick up cans.

We lived in a small community with a lot of family, friends, and support. I don’t remember what our goal was, but I do remember we just barely surpassed it. I have a lot of wonderful memories from my childhood, but working to go to camp and then spending the week at camp are up towards the top.