I am the mother of a 7th grade cheerleader in Austin Texas. We decided to do a calendar for fund raising purposes. We needed to raise money to attend a cheerleading camp in east Texas. We planned on taking photos of classmates and putting them into the calendars.

We have found that, not surprisingly, parents are much more likely to purchase a calendar that features their child. However, discussing the subject matter of the calendar we decided that instead of taking pictures of the kids from school we would do their pets instead. We chose pets thinking that people who owned the pets featured would be likely to purchase it, and that kids, in general, like calendars of animals and would be more likely to buy it.

So, we set aside a Saturday and encouraged all kids in her grade to bring their pets up to school. We had costumes ready for the pets. We tried to get as many pets together onto each frame as possible, thereby increasing the number of peoples pets that would appear in the calendar.

It was a huge success. The calendar sold itself. We ended up printing 250 copies and they sold out at $15.00 apiece.